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Image by Annie Spratt

Welcome to Iceblink Literary Magazine!

"Iceblink is a white light seen near the horizon, especially on the underside of low clouds, resulting from reflection of light off an ice field immediately beyond. The iceblink was used by both the Inuit and explorers looking for the Northwest Passage to help them navigate safely" (via Wikipedia).


Iceblink Lit is an independent nonprofit organization that aims to amplify the voices of creative writers and promote creative exploration in the modern age.

Note from the editor-in-chief:


Hi, I'm Jina, and I started this magazine when I was a high school senior.  I started Iceblink Lit because I'm extremely passionate about writing and have always wanted to provide a platform for other writers to share their work and be inspired by others. Because I've been involved in tons of writing programs throughout the years, I know that meeting other writers can fuel your passion and give you the courage to explore new genres and styles. I hope you can all find a piece of yourself within the works you read!


@iceblinklit via Instagram DMs


Can I submit my work in multiple issues?

Yes, you may submit work across multiple issues. You may also re-submit works that you submitted in a previous issue but were not accepted!

Can I submit work that's been published somewhere else?

Please do not submit previously published work (meaning other magazines, books, websites, blogs, etc). Works posted on personal social media pages are acceptable.

What should I do once my submission has been accepted?

Please withdraw submissions from other magazines once we have sent you a notice that your submission has been accepted. We begin working on our issues as soon as we send these emails, and last minute withdrawals are extremely inconvenient.

How can I join the Iceblink Lit Team?

We are currently not seeking additional staff members. However, if we find this necessary in the future, we will announce it on our website and social media page!

Will my story or poem be edited?

The Iceblink Lit team does basic grammatical and punctuation edits for prose submissions before publishing. We do not make any significant or noticeable changes that alter the content or connotation of any works. We do not make any edits to poetry to preserve its intentional style. Please contact us if you are submitting a piece of prose that you would not like to be edited. Some works may have their alignment or form slightly altered on the page to fit better, but will appear the same on our website.

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