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Jina - EIC + Layout Manager

Jina is a writer, editor, and business owner from Los Angeles. She is the author Vaguely Human Figures and Brand New World and the owner of accessory shop Sad Clown Treasures. Her favorite authors are Chuck Palahniuk, Albert Camus, and RF Kuang, and she loves rotting in bed. Through Iceblink Lit, she aspires to promote creativity and encourage artists to spread and gain inspiration through a community. Find Jina's work and blog on

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Marcelino - Digital Manager

Marcelino Dumlao is a CSUSB student currently working on his English Literature degree. Born in the Philippines, he moved to the United States when he was little and has gotten involved in writing contests and literary magazines. As a digital manager, he’s excited to help archive everyone’s submissions and to see what everyone has in store for Iceblink!


Sin Ying - Social Media Manager

Hi! I’m Sin Ying, a 9th grader who loves to design and video edit. In addition to that, I’m also an avid writer and a keen reader. In the future, I hope to work in the STEM field, specifically in medicine (orthopaedic surgery)! Some other things that I like to do in my free time are researching, playing instruments, filming/ taking photos, drawing, and crocheting! Can’t wait to work with the team!


Evangeline - Poetry Editor

Evangeline is a 17 year old writer from Singapore. When not clutching her hair in consternation over her school work, she enjoys reading and writing poetry and catching up on her prose series. She also loves playing the piano and scrolling through pinterest. Her writing style is best described as bold, humorous, experimental and subversive with a splash of irony. She is the editor in chief of an up and coming student led literary magazine, The "Paper Plane Press", and has submitted to literary magazines such as Ice Blink Lit. Find her on instagram @a_veryblue.marble 

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Seorim - Poetry Editor

Hello! My name is Seorim Song, and I am the Poetry Editor at Iceblink Lit! I write mostly short fiction and poetry, although I consider myself a multi-media artist. I believe that many of us are at the crest of a movement, and it is my goal as an editor to help you and your work follow through with our collective momentum. In my own work, I document the strangenesses encountered in the diasporic sphere and what steps we as individuals can take to ultimately save ourselves. To this end, I work with themes of queerness, divinity, homeland, and the mother-daughter relationship. I’m looking forward to reading everyone’s submissions!


Somni - Prose Editor

Hello! You may call me Somni. I will be your Prose Editor for Iceblink. While I am not too picky about genre, I specialize in syntax and grammar—the structure of all writing. Poems, short/flash stories, novels, you name them! Understanding the structure is super important to me in how you convey your words. Varying your sentences with length and evocative vocabulary will enhance the reading experience. It's like drinking luxury whisky—you want the words to go down smooth and easy. That is where I can help you with—improving your eloquence! But the most important thing is your comfort! Before I can help you, communicate with me about your boundaries.

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