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we used to be soulmates

i’d look for you in every crowder roman

and in their blue eyes you’d see me

your hugs were like therapy

it felt like infinity

they always say

you can’t choose a family

but i knew you were made for me

till you found someone

who changed your point of view

i cried days and nights, i know you did too

it was all blue but not anymore

you finally seem happy

everyone expected me to grow up

and leave this behind

so i did everything there was to do

changed the city,got lost in new love

said yes before taking the responsibility

now all you can do is look into her eyes

and leave a voicemail to my old number

My name is Magdalena (I'm from Poland so Madeline in english). I'm 17 and this year I finish school.

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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