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Alice once said

Drowned by my inner-demons in the darkest depths of life.

The pain within me is unpredictable,

the path ahead of me feels like a lie.

Timid, brittle, and weak; my age of innocence fades away.

I couldn't connect every piece, I`ve lost my peace.

All mistakes made will forever be errors.

My eyes are dry, nostalgia makes me bleed

the past haunts me like a horrid act of poltergeist.

Dear Hatta, I`m not happy in this world called prison.

Through the looking glass,

I`m miserable.

Through the looking glass,

I`m devastated.

Through the looking glass,

I`m muted and voiceless.

In the real world, we fight pain with more pain.

It's more lonely among men, we kill ourselves to live each day.

We cope to conquer loneliness through feeling more sadness.

Humans learn to mask it at first; as they finally break down in the end

Their last words serve as the breath of forfeit and regret.

There's no use for Wonderland as well.

It's an unhappy afterlife with jokers and evil spells.

Hold my time, let me snack on cookies or something.

Let me just grasp for air including a purpose worth living

Heloise Flores in context! As a writer, I specialize in gothic literature and short stories.

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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