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Apartment Scene

Opposite her at the table…

this morning scene unreal

like touching a dream.

My heart assumes the shape

of the open window;

expands beyond the balcony, past the trees,

the parks and the lined up buildings.

It’s parching in March. Still, spring blooms in a vase

filled to the brim with life.

And the first beautiful thing, I saw

was her eyes, not the sun which looked

so warmly into my eyes this morning.

I knew this was it…the everlasting moment.

How for a whole day I wore her Pjs

that will mean the most to me

in my entire life—

how only a few of us, get to know

that love, if it does and when it happens

is maybe, perhaps, definitely

longer than a lifetime.

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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