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We all got blind by our loved ones

And we could never see them carrying axes and guns

To destroy our destiny

And we could never stop them

Because they robbed us steadily

Do broken mirrors hurt?

'Cause they made us think we were ugly

We never were so violent

Just unarmed and silent

They never made us think over it again

And simply took over our domain

Do silent screams scream?

Cause we never had voice

And we were never given a choice

But we all got blind from the poison inside

And those two tunes never rhymed

Our minds could never find one thing well defined

And they left us out in the cold

But did maimed souls ever bowed?

So many stories to unfold

But aren't they relics of a bygone age?

'Cause they made us live in the past

They told us ancient tales forever last

Do sober attires ever corrode?

They made us think trends are a little demode

And we became victims of their cruel hoax

Then we all got blind

But when were we ever able to see?

'Cause we thought we could be us again

But euphoria gave way to pain

Will we ever wake up?

Or will we keep on loving those nightmares?

'Cause maybe if our spirits revive

We will be able to survive

'Cause maybe not being blind will after all make us well defined

I am Hoorain Khan from Pakistan. I want people to acknowledge my poetry. So here's a little effort!

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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