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Under the lampshade of my grandma’s eyes, I devoured my cruel summers

In the singing diagrams of anatomy, I rewrote my thoughts and cries

My sketches crunched down biscuits, raw from the ghoulish lakes I swam under, my bathtub my citadel and my red arms its anchors

The pen grew rusted, its nib a forfeit of the one in my grandma’s house, the steamy air of cuisine and the laughs of pixies in twilight dreams live in the corner of my mind, a Crest of honor taken in as a prisoner after a war

I watch my cousins play in the native innocence, what opulent fragments of my shadows

A landscape of cars and shuttlecock, ribbons and snakes

The Tamil serial opens a shell of my mind, my grandma and I, her combing my tresses after deep oiling them, the smell of onions and ginger in her breath, her soggy nightgown as I leaned back to watch the serial

The battle scars never hurt until they are notion of vendetta

The crown was my kingdom living in the books I created

The language I spoke thick with cutlets eaten in yellow lights, kitchens of festering horror and bespoken truths

A tharavadu of my prodigies, my case of wished eyelashes, my anklets, red stained from

weddings too paradoxical and sunflowers whose seeds are attacked by ants

My arms straighten its flaw, my composure is salutable

My eyelashes inked black with kajal, I gaze into my window,

The moon shines buoyant, surging on tides of crusaders and bulbs without filament

I began my stance

Pages of chess plays turned over, lightening and clips of jasmine flowers in a lake salted green with seaweed and chilli wreckage

Like an old textbook stained with thorny catacombs of wift and mistaken photos

Dreams of catatonia and hungry gallows rich in Plutoan sunlight orchestras,

Letters move in orchestrated unison, each page a dusk of wind dipped in cobalt wine

Tracklists of memories written by clear-tipped dystopian dreamers, eyes that glare at the dews of the sun and harmonize the midnight petals of the moon

Decorating lockers with jewels from a heist pulled in chanted divination, each step a margarita of cortisone and eclipticism

Formulating oneself with pedestals upon pedestals of history and knowledge, becoming a genius unabridged, cloudless gazes and streams of riddles all in exodus of a hourglass seconds

Waterfalls of descent into a world catapulted like the break between the raindrop and venture of madness into it

Falling into arangatram and following the mudra from your forehead echoing into your anklets

Writing a history loat only in your cortex

Glasses and quills rich in cipher

Pen-names and relationships frozen in a warm embrace

Letters scented with the scent of french banter and grim blessings of a memory

Paintings drawn from queens to accidental assassinations, their eyes holding long parameters of rhetoric in a promenade spent in solitude enjoying the midnight oil under the sun in the frost of peace

How could I entail my life to another when I find succulence in my own presence

In necklaces bathed in moons of red light and utopias of ivory pistachios

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Published in issue 5

Published in issue 5

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