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Dark Chimera

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Let me end everything.

Feel free to drag me down.

Be the weight of my life

and destroy me.

You’re an illusion

A bitter-sweet confusion.

Your demons of fascination

killed me each day to live in


Your smile is genuinely wicked

Your eyes filled with deception

Shattered me to pieces

But I don’t mind it no more.

Scars you bear were deep cuts of mine

I mourned in silence and great despair

Paint me in my own blood, strangle me till I breathe no air

Pain is so divine in my own fingertips, yours is nowhere close to any bliss.

I was called a witch when I wasn’t even one

People burn me with their ashes because they didn’t want to be alone.

Perhaps you’ve cursed me with your murmurs…

Little did you know that you didn’t finish the entire verse.

Breaking the potion bottle replaced with poison

you’ve reached me completely.

I’m done with all the lies and venom

Let me chain this nightmare up in my prison.

This is Heloise Flores in context! I am two decades old and I have an undying yet unhealthy obsession for writing. I advocate anti-bullying, anti-racism, and anti-discrimination. I came from an archipelago; what legends refer to as an "enchanted island" but geography simply declares it as the Philippines. As a caffeine driven college student who owns a small business, I am obliged to have a slightly extroverted personality in order to maintain various indoor and outdoor hobbies. Yet despite all those activities, I admit that I can be quite boring in real life. In case if you're wondering, I love exploring the universe of writing, I go by Heloise Flores when I publish anti-prejudice stories and gothic literature. However, I have my other struggling writer accounts, personas, and pen names which you probably scanned or scrolled by in other socials: Literary Critic/Retelling of Classics, Myths, & Folklores IG Account @thechaoticdokusholover Wattpad Account(s) Fanfiction and Humorous Stories - Ningen101 Slice of Life and Anti-Bullying + Suicide Prevention YA stories - GianSnores_21 I would like to thank you all in advance if you were aware of my existence in the first place. It feels awkward writing about myself for once; I usually prefer immortalizing others' narratives over mine. That's all, this is me.

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Published in issue 5


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