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Fall's Summer

I became undone under the sun,

though the sun did not shine on my bones!

Starved mocha skin

breath short

pit a pat.

Pitter-patter heart,

these sensations are nameless.

Death trepidation summoned,

window bound, eyes on the clouds.

When would it arrive?

A jigsaw mind and fragmented torso; everything in between whispering.

This bodily betrayal where pain dances as loss perches,

I buried this in the shadow of many others.

My imprisoned tongue; a pen

plummeting into the depths within

Fall is a time for the body to reset. Yet summer,

under the sun, I had unravelled....

all because the sun did not shine on my bones.

Autumn Elle is a Dance Movement Psychotherapy student, with a love of dance, books and writing.

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