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Ghosts of Future's Past

The ghosts have haunted me

Let me explain

Ghosts of my lovers

Ghosts of my family

Ghosts of my friends

They haunt me

They don't know

That I wish to join them

But I cannot

For I am stuck

In the land of the living

Doomed to suffer

To hear the cries

To hear the screams

The begging voices

The ones that cry please.

If I could cross that river

Go into the light

Put the souls around me to rest


I would

But my sins

Too powerful for me to bear alone

Got put onto them

The ones I loved the most

The lovers

The family

The friends

All years dead.

My life

My soul

My heart

Is tied

Tied to the ones I cannot get rid of


Tied to the absolute

Tied to the death that I seek

For my ghosts

For the death of the future

And the Ghosts of Future's Past

Christopher King is a 15 yr old sophomore that has been writing for years, and likes to make people happy 😁

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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