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I See it Snow

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

Seventy-two more hours,

We’re living this on borrowed time,

Turning the hourglass over and over to stop the sand,

But it flows, regardless,

Don’t you see?

Time’s a roaring ocean,

You can’t dam it up,

You can’t dam it up,

You can’t

Stark-white sadness engulfing the heavens,

They call it a new year,

They say it’s a clean slate,

They pass it off as a midnight kiss as the names roll in,

A phoenix rising from its own ash and flames,

But my mama was a wise one and she said,

“Happy endings put you back together son,

They don’t chip you away and blow you out,”

And I can see it snow,

Yeah, I see it snow

It’s the end of the line,

My calender’s the thinnest it’s ever been,

The same as the thread tying my jagged pieces together,

Fraying at the edges, but it does the trick, at least for now,

On the very last page, it says,

“Gaze upon the world, because better things are on the way,”

Laughing, I turn away,

“They broke down on the way decades ago”

My world was in burning colour once,

Now it’s a patchwork of pale and grey,

Like snow and ashes,

But I don’t see any growth,

Like an ouroboros that devours and devours,

Yet still can’t grow

Nineteen years of age, Sarmad is a student in his final year of Pre-Medical. Most of his writing inspiration comes from music, with him writing lyrical pieces at times. His poem "Evergreen" is about the struggle to hold it together even as things fall apart, and the pain of seeing a loved one in that situation, knowing they're beyond your help. In the same vein, his poem "I see it Snow" describes the feeling of sadness that engulfs oneself every new year. While everyone looks forward to the year to come with hope in their hearts, the person in perspective can't help but feel bleak as they hold no such sentiments. They simply feel themselves scatter away like the winter snow from the heavens.

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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