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I've felt this

I’ve felt this

-way before. the strange humidity of the September air despite it being sweltering hot. Is autumn

coming to Singapore? I wonder, kicking leaves that look crunchy but aren’t. I allow others to

point and make judgements. It’s not a new feeling. Do I need new pe shorts? Maybe my hands

are longer than others. I do not like that thought. I seize it with my palm, smashing it into bits on

the ground. Watching the pieces fade into the ground with my foot. You can pick them up like

how I picked up my heart. Glue works quite well, in my opinion. All by myself. I swallow. I want

to be like others. Fit in the mold for once. The strange unease sitting on my tongue.

(Come back)

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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