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Relax my friend, all is well. Be sure to put some flowers on your hair because we still have time to feel weird about this. The beauty you see in everything around you is a fragment of who you really are.

I myself only see what I want to see, imprisoned by some restrictions but look at me, aren’t I happier than ever? I do not need to see everything. I do not need to know that much. I don’t ever want to dive down again into that deep introspection of what really are just wonderful illusions. I am so tired of explaining things. I know pretty much about my name and where I grew up, but please do not make me ask myself who I am. I did not come here to suffer, I did not come here to suffer, I did not come here to suffer. I can forgive life, I can ignore the past, I am not any of the things they say I am except that I really am stupid, but it is by accepting that I am stupid and I do not know some things that I am wiser and bigger than any of those small waves of retrospective resentments. I can show them kindness and I can wish them good but I just can’t stand being there to see it.

But you can come to me. This is a slow and peaceful road. We will dance, we will smile, we will sing a ballad on top of the mountains or in the back of my truck, or just inside an empty room. We will run down the hills screaming. We will have a wonderful life. I have a nice heart and I have so much capacity for love, without form and without limit because the world is too fucking small for how empty everything really are. So let’s just go somewhere where everything feels so far away. Where a river’s just a river and life will explain itself to us like we’re a couple of five-year-olds then we’ll lay down and listen and get up and lay back down again because does it really matter? And when life gives us lemons, we’ll pop the balloons and eat the confetti and wonder what Beyoncé would’ve done. There are no rules!

I’m Richard, a 16-year-old student from the Philippines aspiring to either be an artist or a writer or a filmmaker, or anything that’ll make me happy. I started writing and painting in 2020 when quarantine isolation was killing us all (aside from the virus itself). I was on the verge of shutting my eyes forever but thankfully, I managed to endure it through art. I usually write and paint around 2 times each month (sort of like my own personal therapy).

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Published in issue 5


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