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Later Lover

I can feel you in the drowned darkness,

Emitting the light of love through the broken moon from above,

Singing to God selflessly, to pour happiness in my life,

Guiding me through troubles and strife.

As I walk aimlessly through the forest,

My eyes hunt to see a glimpse of yours,

When I close my eyes and see you smile,

I breathe fine and my pupils dilate in wild.

Don't fret, my love of life,

I will hold you dearly as seasons pass,

Sense my sensational love across the universe,

Hell or heaven may transit from North to South,

But my love for you will remain constant.

Don't doubt stepping into the unknown land

Of living or dead, if you go down,

I feel follow you.

Let the obtrusive wind blows,

For it doesn't know your flame of hope,

In your brave heart, never ever going to flicker.

I will sail like a schooner and sail sooner

To be with you and pause the time and stay,

And forge a life in the golden era.

I've lived my life wrapped in your arms,

It's your turn to outlive yours,

Make a toast in the name of our unsaid love,

Let your heart grow and speak up,

Welcome me with a garland of splendor,

When I will whisper to you in your dreams,

"My child, I am here with you,

I never left your side."

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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