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Maybe One Day I Could Get Closer to You

I hope one day I could reach out to you

In a world without bounds

Time and place connected to one

If only my voice could ever reach your heart

I would be glad

I would be happy even through the tiniest smile

Maybe this is not what I wanted

This isn't what I wanted to become

Thousand words and pages of poem

I can't seem to capture this feeling in my heart

Will this ever be enough for you?

I like the way your eyes glistened when you smile

Wish that I could forever see the crinkle at the corner of your eyes

I've never known beauty before I saw you

Never seen anything quite like you

Isn't it sad that I could never wipe off your tears everytime you cry?

It's a bit sad that I will forever sail this ocean alone without you

But maybe one day I could get a bit closer to you

I'm 20 y/o student who lives in Jakarta, Indonesia.

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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