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Nature's Clime

on saturated park benches,

bums fall asleep, glacial rain

spills forth. birds over-head

pooping, dumps landing on

cold cement inebriated in the

fragrance of rainwater.

the world percolates to crow

radio clocks. half sleeping,

brushing teeth, flushing out

mouths with notched mugs.

a breakfast of blistered toast

and coffee.

curled drifts whirling in strip-

ped trees, snow garnishes

the blacktop slate. rumbling

plows pack it on the curbs-

ides. scrambling up and

down cracked and splint-

ered roads, flinging salt.

cats and dogs on roofs

baying at a flickering globe,

celestial clusters are lanterns

trailing the clouds. clanking

cars, a cradlesong clutching

travelers in muffled stupors.

Ash Slade lives in Wolcott, CT. In her spare time, she reads and write poetry and short stories.

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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