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Nietzsche's Praise

Updated: Apr 21, 2023

1) God is dead

2) An existential crisis befits them

3) Their mind active with thought

4) Giving birth to new ideas

5) And yet paradoxically

6) This birth of evolution destroys them

7) God remains dead

8) For all these years

9) He was thought to have subsided deep within the soul

10) Within the mind and psyche he harbored the everlasting love of mankind

11) And from that love, a lie is born

12) And from that lie, a truth is revealed and reveled by many

13) And we have killed him

14) Joy to those who may think for themselves

15) The herder is dead and the sheep killed him

16) Free to think at last

17) Yet consequently this freedom herds the sheep closer

18) Stuck further within a shrinking pen

Thanks Nietzsche. You’ve ruined me.

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Published in issue 5


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