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Relearning Vulnerability

The moon—a shard from a sternum. Your lips—

Two question marks, together facing,

Non-rhetoric. Is this what it feels like to be

Immortal? To live in an instance

You’ll remember forever. Moments like these

As ephemeral as love bites—

A nose on a collar-bone, a hand on a thigh,

Whispering Nordic myths into the night

I’m melting like tarmac—

This joy is fragile as heat in July.

Hiya, I'm Maria, a creative writing BA student at Lancaster University, an associate editor for 'SCAN newspaper', and am the founder and president of the Lancaster Poetry Society. I was awarded Poet of the Year (Lancaster, 2022) and so far, in my short career, have had poetry published in 'Pile Press' and 'Flash Fiction Mag'.

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Published in issue 5

Published in issue 5

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