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Apple- eye lenses

Vermillion skin

Cotton-laced fingers

Thy brothel of my heart

Succulent and placid

Tranquillity sits on your lips

Petunia dabbing swollen blues

Swirling around! Swirling around!

In a loop of adultery

Bomb-shell gaze

Cherry-kissed lips

Rectangular laughter

I call you my eve

Ah! I ate the forbidden fruit

Fruit of lust and love

Like a rosemary tossed on the torso

I remembered the austere nights

Shooting flick of the moonlight

Like Ariel cupping the celestial moon in her hands

Phantasmal dream

Thread-like fringes

I call you my tapestry of heart.

Crimson walls gradually crumble,

Behold it just right around the corners

I’m about to fade!

Silhouette of my perfect being

Is temptations are my intrinsic needs?

Gargi Sidana is a voracious reader and a skilled writer residing in Ludhiana (Punjab).

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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