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The Show Must Go On

The shadows are dancers and my chest is the stage,

A ceiling of blood and capillaries

Murky constellations made the chambers of my heart

Fragile roses on pointed feet

Nostalgia blooms and fades with the seasons

But memory is here to stay

Na opera of remembrance, a voice

Lodged deep inside a throat, a

Heavy tongue slick with the unspoken,

A longing,

You cannot reverse

Steal the show, but it must go on.

The haunting, the echoes, a

Merciless call, the song of regrets

And a tune of reverie,

I thought i’d shut them away before but oh,

How the longing returns

Nothing is missed except for the missing,

Nothing taken for granted long as it’s alive

A ballet of roses, an opera of longing,

A show within my aching aorta,

Let them sing, let the voices rise,

Rip the song out of my throat and bask in your misery,

Melancholy orchestras,

The choir of what’s gone,

Let it rise from the ashes and brighten the way

With these glowing notions of memory

I shan’t fear the ghosts, for i fear none

Except for a certain future.

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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