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To society

Dear society,

I’m just like you, you’re just like me. Imperfect and human are we? I wished to break free, to be what I wanted to be. These invisible chains around me, they never seemed to go. I felt trapped in my own life- It felt like a nightmare. That imperfection of mine made me crave for more, But I loved the HIGH, I wanted to feel it all the time, and then suddenly- I felt the world crumble around me, I couldn’t breathe, a feeling of suffocation came over me. I couldn’t see anyone, their looks, the DISAPPOINTMENT. All my hard work; it went down the drain and then, I wasn’t able to move. All those sacrifices I made, were they all fake? That HIGH IT WAS BACK AGAIN- All my flaws- They seemed to take over me. And I just couldn’t. Why is it that we push a person to their breaking point? We're humans for god's sake we're meant to be imperfect and flawed. NO ONE IS PERFECT. but I craved being that no one- Why are we trying to pull each other down instead of helping them? Is it because of society's judgement? Screw them, they're judgmental and will remain that way- Lost my home, my friends and I lost my life- Yet, It seems to be like- I cannot still get over that feeling- the high. I loved it. But now I’ve disappointed everybody. Why aren’t we perfect with all our imperfections? It’s what makes us human, right? But why does it still seem like no one wants you to be here anymore- to be with them? Your own friends turn their backs up on you. And then they think that you’re the most fallacious, defective person to be alive. It’s not the society’s fault- you’re the most fallacious, defective person to be alive. It’s not the society’s fault- It’s our fault, it’s not others who make up these false beliefs and these misconceptions-It’s our own thoughts that we blame on the society. It’s the fact that we judge ourselves every godforsaken second, It’s just them who just grab those flaws of ours making us feeling insecure, it’s the opportunity we give them. Society consists of us, doesn’t it? Why are we judged for our fuccking choices and our godforsaken decisions? Maybe we must change. What people think of us, may as well be a reflection of what we’ve thought about ourselves. Our entire life we’ve blamed society but we are the society.



Shivi Sharma a teen writer from India and an avid book reader and a music enthusiast.

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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