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Unsolicited Advice You Didn’t Know You Needed

Bring a sweater

Clean the lint catcher in the dryer

Don’t do anything you wouldn’t want to explain to the paramedics

Don’t go the grocery store hungry

Neer settle

Use your sick days/vacation days

Stop and smell the roses

Don’t cut your own bangs

Remember: righty tighty, lefty loosey

Don’t eat yellow snow

Be nice to those who make your food

Eat your veggies

Stare at the stars and the moon

It’s ok to say no

Say please and thank you

Look both ways

Don’t be a jerk

Forgive me for what I said before I had coffee

Turn the music up, way up

Take lots of pictures

Tell those you love “I love you” every chance you get

Eat the piece of cake

Take a chance

Wear clean underwear incase you get in an accident

Get the tattoo

Be kind, rewind

Rebecca Agauas is a 39 year old woman who lives in Michigan. She is a person living with

chronic illnesses and is an advocate for the chronic illness community. She is a caregiver to her mom, Faith, who lives with Multiple Sclerosis, and who advocates for the MS communi-

ty. Rebecca published her first book in 2022, The A, B, C’s and The X, Y, Z’s Of This Crazy Thing Called Life and her second book in 2023, Cardinals & Crows. She has written for several digital art & literature publications. You can find Rebecca on Instagram @rebeccaagauas.

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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