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Why Write?

my tears gently paint the page

words of






embedded in the paper with such grace

such ease and cohesiveness as if those specific words were meant for this page

as the ink begins to spread under the protective bubble of every tear drop

so does the fog that inhabited my mind

my hands are tangoing to the rhythmic beating of my heart

yet my soul swaying to the ballad of the breeze

at rediscovering things that were being repressed from within

words and tears enter into this entanglement and spill out into chaos

an original art piece that projected everything my mind needed to say

_but couldn’t voice

As I write the last word

The last punctuation point

And wipe the last lone tear from my eyes

I close my journal with a feeling of happiness at this shedding of old skin

Knowing I wasn’t the same person 30 minutes ago before I picked up my pen

Anique is a 19-year-old poet from Wisconsin who writes as a hobby but wants to make a career of it.

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Published in issue 5


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