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With me, Always

Dedicated to my friend, Aidan McCarthy (2003-2020)

To walk on an empty field,

A breeze welcomes me,

Crickets perform their symphonies,

Little diamonds wave and burn,

Familiar voices call my name,

Distant memories awaken in the mist,

Droplets collect on my skin, I remember;

Three years ago,

marked our final goodbye,

the last time I’d see those periwinkle eyes,

sparked with hope and pride,

A friend with his heart in his hands,

Gone without a trace, without warning,

Time took him away before he could live;

As more memories come to life,

His laugh resonated in my mind,

Nicknames and banters of our short time,

Greatly missed warm hugs and comfort,

Nights spent writing poetry and talking,

All the private performances for my greatest fan,

The brother I’d dreamed of, but never had;

My knees gave out;

Gusts pull my shirt forward,

goosebumps form on my arms,

Clouds start to clear,

Moonbeams start to shine through,

Lights up my eyes, hair, and skin,

Rigid tears crawl down my cheeks,

The cyclone comes to a halt,

I can hear his voice, “Talk to me, I am here”

He was here,

With me,


Syd M. is a POC non-binary Arab American poet studing Biology and Political Science!

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