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Zoo Zoom

It was during our annual zoom meeting

for cracking old apartment block that

I realised I appeared to be the oldest,

wrinkliest owner present. Blame genes.

* Note: I was not.

My head boxed into one of those squares

on computer screen, ageing body seated

in one-bedroom cell. After greetings

and the usual administrivia – most fees

simply cover building insurance –

owners aired customary gripes: antiquainted

plumbing, cracking walls. Any action

unlikely this side of absolute Emergency.

Then I, like other asses, assured impatient

body corp Chairperson, who stumbled

through the ritual half-asleep, that I was

‘satisfied’ with the meeting outcome.

* Note: I was not.

Allan Lake is a migrant poet from Allover, Canada who now lives in Allover, Australia. Coincidence.

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