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Dearest Little Duckling

Dearest little duckling

I hope you find your way home

Waddling through blades of grass

Back to the green-tinted lake

That you are safe in this rain

Pouring in thunderous prosper

Bringing life back into every living space

From the golden petals in the meadow

To the ducks walking past

Dearest little duckling

I am sure your mother wonders

Where you have wandered off to

That she is looking high and low

With tears welling at her eyes

Wishing you were back in her row

That your little brothers and sisters

Miss you beyond your belief

Dearest little duckling

You have brought joy to this giant

When you came pecking at my boots

As much I as wish you would stay

I know there is a brood

Who are looking for you

That want you back

More than you can imagine

S. Kavi (she/her) is a South Indian American poet, writer, and artist from Texas.

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