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The dawning sun broke the bleak night. Bright pink and orange hues ripped the sentence of death upon my weary soul. Memories of carnal adversary took my pure royal heart. The world triumphed in blood and gore of this Princess’s vessel of life. The rupture of my mind was their device to sorrows and absolute sin. Lucifer desired this life, inflicting fangs of venom and poison elixirs into my nape. Tears and howls marked the fall of the newborn virginal heir, abducting my baby and true love. Yet, the trickery was in the ellipsis of my new birth, the renewal of my thoughts, the sharpening of my skills, and the stamina of my heart. In the darkness, my prowess tendrils grew, my intelligent habits refined my soul, as my perseverance gave enduring faith. The once deadly journey of this Princess life became the legend of the Queen of Hearts, burning the compassions of saints aflame.

*Stoicheia - elements of the heavenly bodies that can be melt away by fire to expose and open the heavens

Diana Kurniawan is a poet and writer based in Berthoud, Colorado.

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Published in issue 5


Published in issue 5


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