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White Daisy

Wild daisies, freshly picked from the garden White, pure white engulfed the scene Purity in the smile A sunbeam through the rain Now hold it for her Her heart, that is not yours In your hand Half of the petals turn red Your mysterious smile Keep flashing in her head And the redness burns Into a warm fire The kind that keeps you away from the cold In your hand Half of the petals turn yellow Your smooth voice Keep ringing in her ears And the yellow shines Like the summer sun The one that burns away your gloomy day In your hand The middle of the flower turns black The hope you accidentally gave Suddenly grow into seeds Waiting for you to tend to it So her love could grow Into a new field, colourful, only for you She's standing, a distance away from you Looking at the flower you're holding Will she take it back from you? Or will she let you keep it? Tend it Like how she wants you to tend her heart.

I'm Zul and this poem is inspired by my friend when she was crushing over someone.

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